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Construction Simulator 2014
astragon Entertainment GmbH
Unlimited Money

Suppose you are looking for an entertaining online multiplayer construction simulator game where you can show off your construction skills with houses after hours of intense study và work. Presenting you an exciting thiết bị di động game where you can get everything in your life by building. One of the top choices that come to mind is Construction Simulator năm trước.

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Construction Simulator năm trước is a simulation game that simulates construction. The game is developed by the production team of Astragon studio Entertainment. If you are a fan of simulation games, this is definitely a game studio familiar with similar games. This game is part of the company’s collection of emulators. However, in this game, it will not be the same or similar to lớn the previous part. In this part, there are new và chất lượng points to lớn help players have sầu new experiences. Are you ready to lớn control large-scale construction machines in the game? All the latest construction machinery is provided in the game, turning your phone screen inkhổng lồ a massive sầu construction site.



The game puts you in the shoes of a citizen, a construction engineer, to build structures to make your thành phố bustling and beautiful. The game will take you to 14 different vehicles on the construction, all of which have their own purpose of construction for each specific building or project. Many famous carriers provide these vehicles, & you will be surprised to lớn know that they have sầu the same graphics as the original from appearance lớn performance.

Give sầu players the real feeling of using advanced drivers. Be clever lớn control the machines to lớn complete all the tasks set out by the game. You are không tính phí khổng lồ create your own chất lượng construction in Construction Simulator năm trước. Learn simple jobs khổng lồ become a tycoon in construction work.



At the start of the game, you are put in the shoes of construction drivers, & your task is khổng lồ contribute lớn various project constructions. The first step is to lớn dig the house’s foundation with the excavators, & then you use the concrete mixer truck to phối the materials. You will have sầu tasks such as building a wall for a house or using a crane khổng lồ install domes for a large building. Players need to lớn choose the right machinery for each different construction stage. The tasks given are very diverse. You have sầu to lớn face more than 300 different missions on a large scale. Building construction with this many tasks will make you feel not bored. Important projects such as school swimming pools, political buildings, or wind turbines await you lớn start construction.

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In the game, you may be asked khổng lồ transport materials or wood around in a cargo vehicle. In addition, you can also swap operations between vehicles when you find it difficult to lớn complete the task with the vehicle in use. Also, it can freely move around the construction areas. For later vehicles, you must use bonuses from previous levels to unloông xã.



You have many ways to earn money in the game, such as completing tasks or participating in in-game events, to lớn receive this bonus. If you have sầu difficulty in the challenge, you can also use this money to lớn complete the task. When you complete the building, you will be allowed to unlock the next building. Buildings, schools,… will be built in your own style. The color và style are all yours khổng lồ decide. Choose materials và start creating large-scale constructions to exp& your company khổng lồ grow in Construction Simulator 2014.

One of the most impressive things about this game, in addition lớn the easy-to-underst& gameplay, is simple but quite interesting. Besides the graphics of the game is the point that many people love sầu. The game with high-chất lượng 3 chiều graphics gives players the most realistic feeling, suitable for all subjects over 3 years.

Want khổng lồ explore a world full of buildings? Construction Simulator 2014 will give you the freedom khổng lồ build what you lượt thích. Becoming a builder, gradually, you will make a career by the works you create. Start building dream projects for you to have sầu moments of relaxation & fun. Prove sầu yourself as a capable person in construction work.

You are now ready to lớn download Construction Simulator 2014 for miễn phí. Here are some notes:

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