MP3 is the most popular audio format with the broadest compatibility, but why we need khổng lồ convert MP3 to M4R? The following request quoted from a forum answers the question.

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"I"ve downloaded several songs to lớn my computer, all of which are in MP3 tệp tin format. I"d like to lớn transfer them to lớn iPhone as my ringtone, but I failed because iPhone solely supports M4R as the ringtone format. I can"t just change the extension from .mp3 lớn .m4r. It seems that I have sầu to lớn make use of certain online tool or a program khổng lồ convert MP3 khổng lồ M4R. Any recommendation? Thanks in advance."

Yes, only M4R tệp tin can be phối as iPhone ringtone. Apart from purchasing M4R ringtones for iPhone, we can also convert our existing MP3 music khổng lồ M4R without hassle & without spending a dime. Here, we will show you 3 different ways. Next, let"s illustrate how to lớn turn MP3 into lớn M4R as iPhone ringtone one by one.

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Method 1. Free Convert MP3 to lớn M4R with WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative sầu for Windows to lớn manage & transfer various kinds of files for iPhone ipad and iPod, such as ringtones, music, photos, videos, e-books, & iTunes purchases between iPhone máy tính bảng ipad and computer. Apart from the easy yet fast two-way sync feature, WinX MediaTrans is also skilled in audio đoạn phim converting, enablings users khổng lồ free convert songs from MP3 to lớn M4R ringtone format và sync them to lớn iPhone. Additionally, it is also available to lớn convert FLAC khổng lồ M4R, WAV to M4R, WMA to lớn M4R, etc.

Free Download For Win 11 or earlier
Free Download for macOS 12 or earlier


Two-way sync.Sync music lớn iPhone without data erasing. Auto convert Clip, music, images, etc with GPU acceleration. Make không lấy phí ringtone for iTunes.Enable iTunes purchases playable on non-Apple devices.


Software installation is required.

How to lớn use WinX MediaTrans khổng lồ change MP3 to M4R for free?

First of all, please tải về its setup tệp tin on your computer. It is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista. As a foistware-không lấy phí program, it"s safe khổng lồ tải về, install and use.

Connect your iPhone khổng lồ PC via a USB cable. Launch WinX MediaTrans and then choose Voice và Ringtone. Clichồng Add Ringtone lớn choose the MP3 file(s) you need khổng lồ convert khổng lồ M4R.Then, you can cliông xã Make Ringtone khổng lồ tryên ổn off unwanted part and keep favorite section only. Please be noted that M4R has length limitation of 40s.Once done, hit Sync at the bottom right. Then, this MP3 to M4R iPhone ringtone converter will process conversion and syncing immediately. Once done, you should see them at your iPhone ringtone danh mục.

Method 2. Free Convert MP3 khổng lồ M4R with iTunes

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can try it khổng lồ convert purchased MP3 khổng lồ M4R successfully. Compared with the first method, this way is more complicated & it can only create 30-second ringtone. Anyway, it"s a feasible solution.

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Wide range of features lượt thích backup, file deletion, music management, etc.Free of charge.


Authorization limit.It"s complicated lớn operate and various iTunes errors.

Now let"s check the steps to lớn create M4R ringtone from purchased MP3 songs on Mac.

Right cliông chồng on target MP3 tuy vậy, và then choose Song Info or Get Info.Navigate to lớn Options tab, và type in the start and stop time to define which part of the MP3 tệp tin you want to lớn convert to M4R as iPhone ringtone. Don"t phối the duration longer than 30 seconds. Then, cliông xã OK.Choose Create AAC version. For older iTunes versions, right clichồng on the traông chồng và then select Create AAC version. If you"re using iTunes 12.7/8, cliông xã on the traông xã, go to File thực đơn, choose Convert và then select Create AAC version.Right cliông chồng the AAC version & choose Show in Finder (for Mac) or Show in Windows Explorer (for Windows). Then, simply change the tệp tin extension from .m4a to .m4r. Now, we finish the procedure of không tính tiền converting MP3 khổng lồ M4R with iTunes.

To convert MP3 audio songs inkhổng lồ M4R on Windows, you can open iTunes, choose Edit > Preferences > click General > Import Settings. Then cliông chồng the thực đơn next to Import Using, and choose the encoding format M4R AAC. Cliông chồng OK. select the MP3 songs you want to convert, choose File > Convert, and create the new format.

Note: iTunes is removed from macOS Catalina or newer version. If you are upgraded to lớn macOS Catalina or above sầu, you can try Apple Music app lớn convert tuy vậy files. Here are the steps:

mở cửa Apple Music, choose Music > Preferences, clichồng Files > Import Settings. Choose the encoding format M4R and cliông chồng OK. Pick the audio files và cliông chồng Convert. It will begin converting MP3 audio khổng lồ M4R ringtone format for iPhone.

Method 3. Try Free Online MP3 to M4R Converter

In addition to utilizing desktop-based MP3 khổng lồ M4R ringtone converter and iTunes, there"re also some online tools existing to lớn turn MP3 into iPhone ringtone for free. The biggest advantage is that users don"t need khổng lồ tải về & install software. But every coin has two sides. Internet access is indispensible for MP3 khổng lồ M4R online converters. All steps, file upload, format conversion and file download, require for network connection. Although network is available almost all the time, it is true that accidents vị happen.


Easy to use.No software installation required.


Risks of malware and adware. Many online sites are full of ads và vì not kiểm tra the tệp tin. It"s likely for you lớn kết thúc up with a viru. Poor audio/image quality of the converted files. Inability khổng lồ convert multiple files in one go, & converting tốc độ is heavily dependant on internet connection. Privacy concerns. Users’ info may be sold lớn third parties.File form size limit: 50MB for example.

But if you value the easiness, online tool is still the wise choice. Popular online không tính tiền MP3 khổng lồ M4R converters include Zamzar, Convertio, M4ROnline, MP3toM4R.Online, etc. Now, let"s take Zamzar as an example lớn show how khổng lồ create M4R ringtone from MP3 at zero cost.

Cliông chồng Add Files lớn load the MP3 audio(s) you plan to lớn convert khổng lồ M4R. Choose M4R as the output format.Clichồng Convert Now. Then, you"ll be directed lớn a new page showing that files have been uploaded successfully & it will tin nhắn you the download URLs of converted M4R files once completed.

Your Best Choice for MP3 to M4R Conversion on Windows

Taken together, WinX MediaTrans is the easiest way to lớn không lấy phí convert MP3 to M4R on Windows 11/10 & lower. It features concise interface, simple operation, và fast processing speed. Users are allowed to persize audio file format conversion and sync at one go. And lượt thích iTunes, WinX MediaTrans permits users to lớn cut ringtone clip, while online tools don"t. But if you"re not a Windows handler, try the other two choices.

Apart from acting as a MP3 lớn M4R converter for Windows (10), WinX MediaTrans has a multitude of other terrific features:

Sync music between iOS device & PC, create/delete playlists; edit song info; Backup iPhone ipad tablet photos to PC và transfer photos from PC to lớn iPhone iPad; Transfer videos between iDevice and PC, tự động hóa convert và rotate videos lớn fit for iPhone iPad; Support e-books và audio books transfer, convert EPUB to PDF, TXT or HTML; Get voice memos off iPhone khổng lồ PC; transfer iTunes U & Podcast; Use your Apple mobile as a flash drive to lớn save sầu any file you import.