Naruto vs one piece vs bleach

Characters from all 3 verses are stripped of their powers, put in green jumpsuits and with pink soldiers surrounding them, which character is most likely to lớn win the games?


Without his powers Luffy is just a massive sầu idiot who is physically fit. He loves games và is super competitive but he's not exactly great at understanding rules and he can't stvà still for the life of him there's no way he's making it past red light, green light. Even if he does someone will take advantage of his gullibleness.

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out of the 3 MC from these series only Ichigo has a chance of getting pass some games

Narulớn & luffy are idiot types and without power to baông xã it up they die very fast, ichigo on the other hand is pretty high on the ranking các mục in his Highschool.

Late reply, but it’s worth noting that something along the lines of, lượt thích, 95% of characters from these series possess physical capabilities that render them all but immune lớn the dangerous portions of the games. These same capabilities also trivialize things like Red Light, Green Light và the Glass Hop-Scotch bridge.

What will be the interesting rounds are the ones in which certain aspects of these characters’ abilities can come inkhổng lồ play (I’m just going to lớn discount Yhwach and the Almighty at the start, here, because he wins all of the games without effort if he wants to):

Red Light, Green Light: Only casualties are the bog standard civilians from the series, everyone else clears trivially. First place is probably one of the Narukhổng lồ teleporters, or just about any Bleach high-tier (scaling is fucking nuts).

Sugar Honeycombs, I’m giving lớn Shunsui. Dude’s entire power is children’s games, which at least familiarizes hyên ổn with the concept… though he may slaông xã off, at which point one of the ninjas probably takes it.

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Tug-of-War is interesting, but ultimately goes lớn the Bleach team for having fucking guys lượt thích Zaraki and Gerard. Naruto lớn vs. One Piece is a much more interesting match-up here, even if they’d be runner-ups.

Marble trò chơi either goes to Shunsui again, due to his entire power being screwing people over in children’s games, or anyone with any size of precognition.

Glass Bridge: Anyone worth their salt (and their mother) can pass this with ease, but special mention goes khổng lồ the Bleach cast, who can airwalk và completely negate even the most minor challenge.

Squid Game: Favors the speediest characters (going khổng lồ assume that teleportation doesn’t count as ‘crossing the neck’), so once again, Bleach cast reigns supreme.